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Aside from blogging, I’m addicted to reading all the latest on Entertainment News.  That’s one of the first things I do when I turn on the laptop first thing in the morning.  Before I used to go to three different entertainment news site but now I’ve tried to mend my ways and just stick to one.  It just takes too much time in the morning to hear about the latest celebrity news but because I like hearing about the juiciest details on celebrities I can’t let go of it altogether.

I like to follow the celebrity mommies and their adorable kids.  Until now I still wonder how Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt can take care of an army of children.  I know they have a lot of nannies to take care of them but it’s still exhausting just thinking how they divide their attention between the six of them.  Comparing the celebrity kids Shiloh and Suri Cruise, daughters of Brangelina and the Cruises respectively, I’m bewildered how different Shiloh and Suri had become.  Shiloh at this young age is a bit of a tomboy and prefers wearing boy’s clothes while Suri Cruise is the exact opposite.  Her mother, Kate, has been criticized for allowing her young daughter to wear heeled shoes and even make up at such a young age and even when it’s inappropriate for the weather.  Anyway, I think most little girls just want to dress up so I can understand Kate for allowing her daughter to dress that way.

One of the things I like about entertainment news is seeing the stars wearing their glamorous clothes.  I still like seeing them in their everyday clothes, however, and admire how even when they are wearing jeans and shirt they still look lovely.  Of course they have a team of stylist but some do have their personal styles that I admire.

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