Children Biking – Safety Tips Children Need to Know

Children biking safety should be utmost in parent’s mind before allowing their children to ride their bikes. I know we can get carried away with buying our children their first bike as soon as they could walk but when they’re old enough to really use it that’s when we get scared an accident might happen to them when they’re out of our sight. That’s what children do – they grow up so it’s important that we teach them these biking safety tips.

1.  Check the bike tires if they’re properly inflated before biking.

2.  Most children biking accidents are not with vehicles (thank God) but due to falls so children should always be alert and on the lookout for hazards like cracks in the pavement, glass, debris, poles, benches, etc, and possibly other vehicles.

3.  Let them wear bright clothes when on a bicycle.  It’s important that children be seen by other motorists so instead of white or pastel colors let them wear neon, fluorescent, or bright colored shirts.

4.  Don’t wear pants that are too loose or flared as these can get entangled in the wheels.

5.  Wear shoes and not flip-flops when riding a bike.  Make sure their footwear can grip the bike pedals firmly.

6.  Avoid riding at night as more accidents happen around this time.  If they have to make sure their bike has reflective lights so other motorists can see them.

7.  Be predictable – ride in a straight line.

Biking can be a good hobby for children especially these days where more children are getting obese due to lack of physical activities.  It can also be a nice activity for moms who need to lose some weight.  Trying alli weight loss products is convenient but it should be coupled with physical activity like biking for better results.  Biking with your children will benefit them because you will be able to teach them safety tips as you go along thereby better preparing them for possible safety hazards in the future.  So get out there with your children, invest some time to teach them personally by riding with them, and you will have more peace of mind in the future.

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