Car Stories

Owning a car is a great responsibility.  We were ecstatic when we were given a second hand car and we thought it was just as easy to maintain it.  We didn’t think of the cost associated with it at first because what’s foremost in our minds was how convenient it would be for us to travel from then on.  Having a car means no more commuting which then means no more transferring from one public vehicle to another to get to our destination.  It’s not easy to commute with a child in tow much less two children so I’m really thankful we have one already even before my second child is born.  However, pretty soon we learned how hard it was to maintain a car and how many things could go wrong.  In five months we already had our car scratched by people and then the worst of all was it refusing to start in the middle of Ortigas and then being pushed to a pole by the MMDA who helped us.  Yes, we had some crazy times with our car and we had learned a lot.  We also learned that we ought to be always ready because we will never know when we will need to have it repaired.  Aside from the gas expense that we have to shell out every week we also have to pay for  its maintenance.  Of course we can’t have our car looking ugly so  I’ve been searching online for accessories and found this website that provides car accessories like chevy accessories, toyota accessories and so on.  I was delighted they also have accessories for mazda which is the car that we have.  Hubby said since John Mayer’s concert was rescheduled in October we might just refund the tickets and use it to buy accessories for our car.  The decision is not yet final but I’m already looking just in case.

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