Birthday Cake from Red Ribbon


This is the first time ever we bought this cake from Red Ribbon. I remember this was Pehpot’s cake for her birthday and I really liked it so I told hubby I wanted one too. I’m really not a fan of the sponge cakes that Goldilocks make.  I don’t like my cake light and airy, thank you!  I wasn’t able to enjoy it on my birthday though because for some reason it didn’t taste right.  The next day – after it spent a night inside the fridge – I found out it tastes so much better if it’s cold.

Aside from this one, Pehpot surprised me and bought me another cake also from Red Ribbon.  So I actually had two cakes that day.  I really had no idea she would bring me something even though she was asking me at YM hours before if I had already a birthday cake.  She told me she would be late because she would have to do their grocery.  I was like, “Huwat? You can do your grocery later, hellow?”  Good thing I didn’t get mad at her for prioritizing her groceries over my birthday because it turned out she was at the mall buying cake and flowers for me. hahaha   Yes, I was really clueless I had no idea she would bring something.  So thanks so much Phepot – err Pehpot – for the surprise.  Buti na lang nagdala ka kasi kasi palpak yung spaghetti.  So now you know why I’m always attending your parties – it’s because we can’t cook. Spaghetti na nga lang palpak pa! wahaha!

Oops, I forgot to thank Niko, Fedhz, and Jade for the gifts.  They are Pehpot‘s partner in crime.  Thanks, girls, for surprising me.  Wala talaga ako kaalam-alam. hihi

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