Bingo and its History

When I was a little girl I used to watch our neighbors play bingo. It was back in the province and we don’t have a mall to go to so playing bingo was one of their past times. They would bet small amounts of money and cross their fingers hoping they would win. I never joined any of those games because I was still a young girl and I could never understand their bingo lingo for the numbers. The way they say the numbers drawn are so funny that they can play this game for hours and never tire down.

Now I never see those bingo games anymore. I’m wondering if they have discovered the bingoplayground in the internet.  It surely is different from their offline bingo but the good thing here is they can play any time they want and at the comfort of their own homes.  They don’t need to gather a roomful of players to start playing because at online bingo the players are abound.  If they are short on the funds then they can play freebingo games online.

It was said that the game bingo was then called “beano.”  This is because they would mark the numbers with beans. When somebody wins the player will yell “beano” but one person who won was so excited that he shouted “bingo” instead of “beano.”  The name bingo then stuck afterwards.

One priest decided to use the game as fundraising for their church.  They would need 6,000 bingo cards for it to be successful.  They commissioned a mathematics professor at Columbia University to make 6,000 bingo cards with unique combinations.  As the professor worked on, each card became increasingly difficult. Soon all the 6,000 cards were completed but unfortunately, the professor lost his sanity afterwards.  That’s really sad, isn’t it.  Too bad they don’t have computers back in 1930.

One thought on “Bingo and its History

  1. Mommy Cherleen

    “Soon all the 6,000 cards were completed but unfortunately, the professor lost his sanity afterwards.”… Who wouldn’t lost his sanity with this kind of job? Doing it manually indeed make you crazy!


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