BC Bloggers’ Party – Get To Know the BC Bloggers

I’m so happy this week because of two reasons.

First, BC Bloggers 2 just concluded and it was a success!  To date 85 bloggers and 250 blogs have joined BC Bloggers’ Secret.  Isn’t that great?  My husband was telling me he’s been seeing the BC Bloggers badge E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!    Also, I want to thank you for all your kind words about BC Bloggers. It really flatters me to no end to hear you talk about how BC Bloggers helped your blogs.  I take no credit as this wouldn’t be a success without your participation, for being patient with me even if I ask you to redo your list just after you have finished putting it up.  hehe  So thank you to all of you,  BC Bloggers, if it wasn’t for you this wouldn’t be such a tremendous success.

Now for the second reason why I’m happy this week. Guess what? It’s going to be my birthday! Whee! I’m going to be a year older on April 15th but this time around I’m super excited. Why am I excited? Because for the first time in my blogging career (naks! just indulge me please) I will be celebrating it with my fellow bloggers. I’ve decided to organize the first every BC Bloggers’ Party!

Putting each other’s links in our blogroll makes no sense if we don’t get to know each other.  That’s why I came up with th BC Bloggers’ Party.  Don’t worry I assure you it’s going to be fun, fun, funIf you thought joining BC Bloggers was a great idea  joining BC Bloggers’ Party would be more important than that.

At BC Bloggers you gained unfamiliar links in your blogroll but here at the BC Bloggers’ Party  we will get to know each other, your blog will gain visitors and if you put in a little bit effort you’re visitors will keep coming back for more.  Who knows you’ll even find some BLOGGER FRIENDS and FANS out there because of this.

What will happen at the BC Bloggers Party?

1. Post something about yourself.  This is the time to promote yourself  so post something interesting, funny, something that others will remember you and your blog for.  I know we have at some point posted something like this before in our blogs but if no one read it before (sad but true!  you have put together a great post, put lots of effort but only get one comment or two) this time around it will be read by your fellow BC Bloggers so that ought to make a HUGE difference!

This is the time to brag!  If you have something to brag about then by all means, brag about it! Brag about your family (we would love to meet them), your pets, your work/career, your achievements, your blogs or your blog’s cause, your house or where you live,  what you’re passionate about, and even your products that you sell! There are no rules here just tell us everything you want to be remembered for.  Don’t forget to posts pictures this will make your post more interesting to read.

2. Grab the BC Bloggers’ Party Badge and put it before your post



2. I want to put together a summary of the BC Blogger’s profiles which I will post here in my blog and which I’m hoping you would also post in your blog. So after posting send a short description about yourself like this,

Paula – Blogging her way out of boredom since 2008, working at home while trying to raise her family, founder of BC Bloggers.”

Or something to that effect – I’m sure you can write something more creative to promote yourself. Don’t forget to link your name to your post about yourself! Only one link is allowed per description please.

We are of course, BC Bloggers, so I will give you enough time and I will wait until Sunday for your post (post it in your blog of choice) and your description (send it to my email sweetypaula@gmail.com).

Goodluck BC Bloggers! I’m sure we can do this.

P.S. Don’t forget to greet me on my birthday this Thursday! LOL!

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