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This is my post for the BC Bloggers’ Party.  We’re going to get to know the BC Bloggers one-by-one.  So are you already curious about me?  Maybe you’re not but I’m still going ahead anyway. hihi So sit back, relax, get your coffee, and allow me to introduce myself.

I am Paula but my real name is actually Joanna Paula so you can call me whatever you want.  But online I like to be called Paula.  I’m just a simple mom, working at home, enjoying my family.  This is me.  My latest picture taken just last weekend.


That’s me at 29 years old. I know I look malusog but that’s because I’m one month pregnant.  That’s my second baby in my tummy but my first baby is Z. He is already five and it’s hard to hug him anymore.  Aside from playing with his cars all day long he also likes to stand on his head. Yes, when he’s not playing with his cars you can usually see him upside down. hihi Ever since I started giving him his Appetens vitamins his favorite phrase is, “I’m hungry.”  So now mommies and daddies you know what to give your finicky eater. *wink


Of course, my story is not complete unless you meet my original baby.  He’s the one who promised me nobody will ever love me as much as he would so I make him live up to his promise it every single day. LOL!   That’s it for him as he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for long.  O di ba, he’s handsome?


At home I’m usually with my headset on because I transcribe – that’s my job.  It works well with me – I don’t have to talk to anyone and I can stop what I’m doing whenever I want to.  Of course, I have my other dream job which is being the CEO of my own company.  Funny, huh?  But the funniest part is – I’m not kidding! hahaha

I also have my blogs. You may know me through Mommy Diary but my original baby blog is Happy Thoughts. I’ve been blogging there since 2008 and that’s where you’ll read our journey for the past two years. I also have my other blogs – my working-at-home blog, WAHM sa Pinas, and my trying to be sweet and cute blog, Paula’s Place.  I also am a furniture seller.  Lorenz’ Furniture – that’s my dad’s store in Caloocan so for your furniture needs contact ME!

We live in Cainta just at the border of Pasig City – yes, we’re literally at the border. I love living here! Yes, I know it’s one of the most devastated from Ondoy but it’s sort of like living in the province which I terribly miss because I grew up in Zambales.  Plus it’s so near cool places like Eastwood and Ortigas and Makati, Taguig, and Quezon City is not far too.  That’s why when we pass by a vacant lot or a house for sale I sigh and wish I could stop the car, walk up to the owner, and buy it right there and then!

Being the esteemed Founder of BC Bloggers’ Secret (hahaha! ano ba?! birthday ko naman e!) I’m glad to unite the bloggers in building blogrolls for their blogs – which I was never good at. I really thought nobody would join and that I was a bit insane for doing it but the huge turnout made me realize that it’s one of the blogger’s pain points really.  That’s why my goal is to save time on that and spend more time on more fun things like getting to know each other and ultimately building friendships online.

That’s why I hope all of you join the BC Bloggers’ Party.  Take time to write a post about yourself.  Being busy is not an excuse because the deadline is on Sunday.  The mechanics can be found here.   I’m going to wait for your posts!

P.S. Don’t forget to email me your short description with the link to your post. We’re going to post it on each other’s blogs next week. It’s another chance to get backlinks for your blogs so don’t be absent. 🙂

56 thoughts on “BC Bloggers' Party – Get to Know Me

  1. AC

    waah!!! mommy paula, nabasa ko na itong entry mo right after you posted it ewan ko ba bakit di agad ako nag comment… kita mo naman, nadalaw ko nadin ang iyong furniture shop hehehe…

    I enjoyed reading about you.. and congrats sa new baby… I love din the way you write… so entertaining.. I do hope that we’ll gonna build a good friendship that starts here at BC Bloggers party. I’ll be following all your blogs para updated ako lagi…

  2. Siromade

    Nice to visit a felow Filipina blogger, I’ve seen it posted around of some Filipina just curious What is BC bloggers. I want to join here but how if you can guide me pls?

    Anyway it’s a nice read about you. Congrats for being one month pregnant.


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