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I’ve been receiving lots and lots of inquiries about when BC Bloggers will open again. Although I want it to be opened all year round, to keep my sanity I need to stop accepting applicants from time to time. I love it that I’m receiving a lot of emails but because of my work I can’t respond to your questions all the time.

That’s why I have been racking my brain on how to make this easy for me and for everyone. I have minimum technical skills but fortunately, I have my fellow BC Bloggers to inspire me. I was browsing Just Simple Thoughts‘ blog when I came upon her Contact Form which in turn gave me this wonderful idea! Thanks for the inspiration,sis! πŸ™‚

So now I’m opening BC Bloggers 3 for everyone! You don’t need to email me anymore. At BC Bloggers we don’t have to beg for links, remember?

So what do you need to do? Just follow these simple steps and you’re in.

1. Copy this post below to invite other bloggers to join. You can add more text but be sure to add this somewhere in your post. The HTML code for the post can be found below.

Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.

2. Put the BC Bloggers badge in your sidebar. You can find the code below.


3. Once you have done steps 1 and 2 fill out the Application Form. One blog for each form. If you have another blog to add then fill out a new form and submit. Please be careful when putting your blog url especially in HTML format. I am not responsible if you put the wrong link this time.

That’s it everyone. Let’s go out and find new friends in the blogosphere. We have just concluded the successful BC Bloggers party and I’m thinking we can do a meme that’s monthly instead of weekly. You have a lot to miss if you don’t join so JOIN NOW.

104 thoughts on “BC Bloggers 3

  1. Vernz

    Hi paula ….. sali parin ako … Konti paman links ko .. wala pa hundred … I’ll post this in my blogs… All the Best Mommy Pau! I will fill up the application form …

  2. mommy bonz

    hi, mommy paula!
    i want to join my 2 other blogs, when is the deadline?
    still lots of things to do, so little time… i hope i could register my 2 blogs before the deadline
    thanks a lot!
    more power!

  3. Shydub

    Hi sis, thanks for this great idea and the opportunity for us to echange link without begging. I joined the batch 3 for my new blog. I already filled up the application form. Thanks again.

  4. Paula

    I’m just so glad so many people joined, sis. This wouldn’t be a success without all of you.
    43 blogs have signed up and we’re on the second day only. The more people joining the better so join now!

  5. d_aquarian

    Hi Paula, Im a newbie and friend of Shydub. I learned about the BC bloggers from her and my blog still new. Hope you include my blog link in this BC blogger. The badge is already up in my blog and so was the post. Thanks

  6. Liezl

    Hi, if I have 3 more blogs to add, I have to fill up the application form 3 times since there’s only one text field for blog URL? Thanks!

  7. Paula

    @d_aquarian – sure it would be included as long as all the requirements were met. πŸ™‚
    @Liezl – sorry but you have to fill it up 3 times if you have three blogs.

  8. just simple thoughts

    hi sis! pwede pa ba humabol? I have started a new blog last night and this early, I wanted to include it in BC Bloggers 3. Ang saya kasi! πŸ™‚ I’ll make the required post and submit the application form today! So excited! Hehehehe…

  9. AC

    aww!!! am I late? I made my post na and submitted na may form for my first blog… will do the same for the others… Thanks so much for this!!!

  10. Prettymom

    I just submitted an application form for my 2 blogs..
    Thank you so much for coming up with this kind of community..

    Now Im in!..

    More Power! πŸ™‚

  11. jessa

    Hello po. Already posted a blog entry and put the badge on my sidebar. Will fill out the application form na lang. πŸ™‚
    Thanks much and more power! πŸ™‚
    Have a nice day.

  12. elai

    hello,i have filled up the application already. just one question though, do we have to exchange links with all members?

    1. admin

      @Elai – we’re exchanging links with BC Bloggers 3 members only. I have asked the previous batches if they want to join again for this current batch though.

  13. Steve

    Hi Paula, I just posted a comments here a while ago but it’s not showing.. I dont why that’s why Im sending once again.


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