Yellow Cab

Last Sunday, we went to attend service as usual at CCF in St. Francis. Right after service, instead of eating at the usual places we went and tried Yellow Cab Pizza at St. Francis Ground Floor. The Yellow Cab there is just across Jollibee so while S ordered for pizza, I went to Jollibee to order Z’s staple meal – chicken, fries, and coke. Yes, without fail that’s what he eats every time we go out. hihi

Anyway, last time we went at my Dad’s shop they ordered Yellow Cab pizza for us. S and I both liked it so much that we decided to order the same thing – Yellow Cab’s New York’s Finest pizza and chicken alfredo. pasta Our order came in shortly and we dug into it like happily. Halfway eating, S stopped eating and said, “Are you sure this is what we ate at your dad’s? It’s not as delicious anymore.” I chuckled and told him, “I know. It’s because you’re the one paying this time!” hahaha¬† He sure laughed at that.

My bad, I wasn’t able to take any pictures that time. Before I end this post I would like to share what I read. It’s recommended that we eat only two slices of pizza per meal. Pizza is not exactly very healthy and has lots of oil which is bad for the skin. I know it’s so yummy but if you eat more you’ll be shopping for acne products next time.

I’ll tell you one secret though I myself eat more than two! hahaha I think I can finish three in one sitting and if I push myself I can eat four but five – I can definitely not eat!
How about you? What’s the maximum number of slices you can eat?

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