Wishing for Rain

Normally, whenever I see this in the sky I sigh and wish there would be no rain for the day. Rain disrupts people’s day and can pretty much ruin it. Especially for people who are commuters and didn’t bring their umbrellas that particular day a pouring of the rain can result to drenched clothes and the change inweather can even result to sickness. Yes, we usually take rain for granted and would wish it away most of the time.

Nowadays though we would gladly give anything to have the rain back, now that the news is filled with reports on how critical the dam levels already are which seems to be the trigger for the water companies and the electric companies to announce that they would be increasing their prices. As if to prove their point, they have already cut off water and electricity at some areas.

That’s why in this part of the world people are wishing for the rain to fall. It doesn’t matter if they forgot their umbrellas that day and it doesn’t matter if the hot then cold weather will make them sick. We really need water and it’s more obvious now than ever before.

4 thoughts on “Wishing for Rain

  1. GossipMama

    It’s been raining here, don’t wrry ill send the rain over there heheh.

    btw Paula, done adding all the badges in all my blogs and replied to your email this morning as well.

  2. MushaMommy Judy

    Agree! Thank goodness it rained a while ago but its still not enough. Some say they wish for rain as strong as Ondoy, sans the flooding of course. We have so many water dams to fill.


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