Why Hubby Would Be in the Front Row of John Mayer’s Manila Concert

I was researching on online when my husband sent me a frantic message. It’s now confirmed that John Mayer is coming for a concert in Manila on May 16th at the SM MOA. To say that hubby is his biggest fan is an understatement. He knows and have studied John Mayer’s songs like crazy. He’s obsessed with learning all his songs and playing it in his guitar. Even I – who couldn’t care less for him – knows ALL HIS SONGS BY HEART. Why wouldn’t I when he played it over and over all throughout our married life and even our courtship days. Remember his very first popular song, Your Body is a Wonderland? Yes, he was obsessed with that song during our dating days. Of course after we got married he promptly switch to playing Slow Dancing in a Burning Room! LOL!

Anyway, it came to a point when I had to plead to him to stop playing his songs anymore because hearing it over and over for two years drove me nuts. That was how obsessed he was with John Mayer’s previous album, Continuum. I wanted to curse John Mayer for taking so long to release a new album. “Hey John, someone’s slowly dying over here. Would you please get to work and release a new album asap?!”

So I breathe a great sigh of relief when his new album, Battle Studies, came out. Finally it meant we’ll be hearing fresh new songs.  So now he thinks I’m an Assassin in real life. hahaha

I was a killer, was the best they’d ever seen
I’d steal your heart before you ever heard a thing
I’m an assassin and I had a job to do
Little did I know that girl was an assassin too

Little did we know that this new album will bring him here in Manila. I’m sure hubby is so excited and I can already guess his one and only wish – to be in the front row during the John Mayer Concert on May 16th at MOA! For him it’s a must that he’s in the front row not for show but so he’ll be close enough to see John Mayer’s fingers while strumming his guitar. He wants to know if he has been playing John Mayer’s songs correctly and the way John Mayer plays it himself in person. All those years of practicing alone in our room would be rewarded just by seeing his idol on stage. Once there, he’ll surely memorize all the tabs and will promptly put it into action using his own guitar afterwards. He is that HUGE a fan. Even if the concert is still two months away I’m pretty sure hubby is already wondering what guitar Mayer would bring on his concert. Whatever it may be he’ll surely whisper to me and say, “Do you know how freaking expensive that guitar is?!” followed by a sigh and a wish he could afford one of those.

This came out a bit long but what I was just trying to say is whatever happens we’ll be at MOA on May 16th. I hope the tickets don’t cost like gold because I’m planning on surprising him with front row tickets. If someone deserves to be there in the front row it’s definitely my husband. Hmm, do you think it will still count as a date if he was in the front row while I was way in the back? LOL!

6 thoughts on “Why Hubby Would Be in the Front Row of John Mayer’s Manila Concert

  1. MushaMommy

    I love “half of my Heart” and “say what you need to say”..
    I hope you can pull off your surprise for the hubby! I’m rooting for Mommy Paula! 🙂

  2. dundermiffler

    hi fellow JM fan . i’m so excited for this. i mean since i bought my ticket 5 months ago this concert is always on my mind, jesus!
    now it’s super tuloi na toloi na i was just wondering if you have or you know any group or peeps that are looking forward to this show. I may wanna join them cos i’m going alone. by myself. (perfectly lonely) . and also i was just wondering if you know where to buy john mayer t shirts or anything to do with john mayer. PS: please respond back to me through my email or do it on my facebook. hope you’ll reply. bye!!


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