Upside Down House

It’s every family’s dream to be able to have a house someday that they can proudly call their own home and our family is no exception. This is my me and my husband’s dream and we’re hoping we’ll have it one day. While I was browsing the net I was surprised to see that someone who has obviously too much money and time in his hands – and a lot of sense of humor, should I add – decided to build an upside down house.

Yes, it's a real upside down house and no you are not dreaming.

I get a headache just looking at this. This dining table is perfect for the anorexic.

Call the plumber, quick - the water from my faucet is falling the wrong way!

Can't imagine what would happen when you flush the toilet after using this.

So are you wondering now where this upside down house is located? Well, it’s inside a zoo in Germany. Yes, the story gets weirder and weirder. LOL!

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