Taking a Rest

For two days I’ve been trying to keep sickness at bay because I have so many files to finish. I thought I would be successful but I guess now I have to accept defeat as I woke up with the sorest throat and the feeling that my body is going to give up if I don’t take a rest. I have given a notice of leave and would be spending the day eating healthy foods like vegetables and lots of soups and vitamins. I can’t afford to get sick as on Friday we would be at Z’s school to watch the preschoolers perform. Z has reported to me that they spent the day rehearsing and that he was included in the program which I really can’t miss as this is his first appearance “onstage.” Oh well, wish us luck!
Chewee is getting better and better too. He’s currently eating chicken but according to the vet he should be eating dog food. I’m hesitant to buy him dog food because I’m dubious about its quality. It’s not like fish food which I think is safe for fishes but dog food is another matter. I think he’ll get sicker if I let him eat that. Anyway, just to follow our vet I decided to buy dog food and mix it with his boiled chicken with rice which he is now eating with gusto. I hope he makes a full recovery and gain his old weight back.

5 thoughts on “Taking a Rest

  1. Mon

    i don’t feed my dog dog food. heheh instead i gave him rice and some grind pork,

    thanks for the comment and visit at my blog! 🙂


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