Finally, the weekend is in sight and tomorrow is going to be the last day of Z’s exam. We have been reviewing everyday because of his final exam and aside from the not so good incident with our Math review, everything turned out fine. He has a good grasp of every subject and I didn’t have a hard time teaching him. Teaching while balancing my work is another story but I’m glad we can now relax in terms of his school.

Now you know why this blog has been silent and I’m deeply sorry I haven’t started BC Bloggers 2 yet. I know so many people wanted to join and I have promised a few that I will open it again soon but I’m just too swamped with work. But keep your eyes peeled to this blog as I will have my announcement next week.

One thought on “Swamped

  1. MushaMommy

    Wow.. you and me both..swerte you’re done with exams. I’ve got a killer schedule next2 week which is the same time as Aori’s final trimestral. 🙁

    Oh..I wanna sign up in BC Bloggers. I hope to catch it next time.


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