She Won!

My heart was in my throat a few seconds before they announced the winner maybe it’s because I predicted she would win. Well, Sandra Bullock got the award alright but I didn’t expect her victory would be overshadowed by Kathryn Bigelow’s unprecedented win. It really took me by surprise that James Cameron’s Avatar was given the snub by the Academy Award judges and rightfully so I think. So Oscar was a night of many firsts, the first time a woman won Best Director and the first time James Cameron’s ex-wife beated him in his own ball game. Such a sweet success for Kathryn!

One thought on “She Won!

  1. MushaMommy

    I’m a fan too. 🙂 Its nice that she won, especially since Sandra won the mock Oscars the night before. Bohoo for Avatar, but maybe the committee is looking for something else. Yey for newbie producers and directors! 🙂


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