Playing with the Neighbors

I was researching for the best acne medication I can find online when I heard noises from the other room. The medication was not for me but for a friend who’s needs help with his acne.  I stopped for a while to check and was delighted to see Z playing with the neighbor kids.

Z with the neighbors

I’m glad he’s inviting his friends over from time to time. I won’t even mind if they’re here everyday after school. They’re a bunch of good kids and they put Z’s toys back in place after playing. They’re not rowdy so I can still work and not be bothered. Since summer is approaching I’m sure the kids would spend more time playing together.

Anyway, Z is sharing his toys but I noticed he can get bossy sometimes especially if his playmate has another toy on his mind and doesn’t want to play with the toy Z wants to play with. Pretty soon his playmates end up going home because Z would get mad. hehe  Hopefully, my son listens and learns to give way to his playmates. He should realize he can’t expect other people to follow what he says all the time and when that happens he must learn to handle it calmly and not get mad. I wonder where he got that attitude from. LOL!

3 thoughts on “Playing with the Neighbors

  1. MushaMommy

    We have the same problem too Mommy 🙂 Some say, ganun talaga pag only child because if us older ones deal with them, usually pinagbibigyan sila. I wonder if there’s a way to na the boys would be more cooperative or something?

  2. Caroleen's Treasures

    Wow! How I wish we have kids like that here…yung nagsosoli ng toys after play at hindi maiingay. Same ng ugali si Z at Ella ko sis, bossy siya kaya minsan umuuwi ang mga playmates. Ganyang ganyan talaga siya especially dati pero now na may mga kalaro siyang bossy din, medyo kalmado na siya. ehehehehehe


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