Leap Year Movie

Every person has their own problems. For me it’s keeping things balanced at home, for some it’s as serious as weight loss surgery, but for Anna (Amy Adams) it’s waiting for her boyfriend of four years to finally propose to her. So when she heard of the Irish tradition that women were allowed to propose on February 29th she decided to take matters in her own hands. She decided to follow her boyfriend, Jeremy, who’s in Dublin for a conference and ask for his hand in marriage.

But things weren’t going as planned. First, her plane had to be rerouted because of a storm. Unnerved she set off on a boat only to face the storm head on. She was dropped in a small, sleepy town in Ireland where she enlisted the help of an innkeeper, Declan (Matthew Goode), to take her to Dublin. Along the way they bickered with one another as they encountered a series of mishaps that seems to prevent Anna from seeing her beau. Until they finally found themselves falling with each other just as her boyfriend surprised her with a proposal upon reaching him in Dublin.

Would Anna choose what seems like a fairytale life ahead with her cardiologist boyfriend or would she choose a simple life with the Irish innkeeper whom she just spent a few days with? I don’t want to accuse of spoiling so I’m not going to tell. The storyline is not that original but it sure can entertain you on a boring day. 🙂

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