Kultura Filipino

I was waiting for Daddy and Z to come out of  Wendy’s after lunch when I heard some merry folk music. When I turned around this is what I saw.

The salesladies were dancing! The best part is they seem to be having fun. Their dancing was contagious I tell you. It brought me back to my childhood. We used to dance folk dances just like that. At some point I really wanted to drop my things and join them.

While people stopped by and watched I whipped my camera phone and started taking pictures, of course. I can’t let you miss it, can I? So any idea where this was taken from?

I got to tell you that their gimmick was really effective. It took all my self restraint to go in there and buy something.

4 thoughts on “Kultura Filipino

  1. MushaMommy Judy

    Pati pala sa dept store they do that, I only thought it was in Hypermart when they do dance numbers or chant to music. Maybe they got it from the restos which have performers too? :)


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