Jollibee 39ers – Beef Mushroom

Beef Mushroom from Jollibee

We went to Jollibee right after Z’s school program. I wanted to try something new and was delighted to see this Jollibee Beef Mushroom. I can’t believe they’re selling it for on P39.00 so I quickly ordered it to see if it will pass my taste test.

The verdict – it passed with flying colors!  I was really surprised there were real beef in there. I thought it would mostly be mushrooms but no – for a measly P39.00 I got enough serving of beef fit for a merienda. The toasted garlic toppings complemented the beef and mushroom well. It’s really a good meal for the budget conscious.

P.S. You can get the Jollibee 39ers during the weekdays only.

5 thoughts on “Jollibee 39ers – Beef Mushroom

  1. Crayons n Pencils

    Hi, visiting from BC Bloggers here!
    Nice food. Personally, I prefer MCD’s over Jollibee, but my children says otherwise so most of the time they get food from JB and we eat it at MCD’s hehehe!

  2. Gene

    Ang tagal ko ng hindi nakain sa Jollibee. Fave kasi ni hubby yung fries sa McDonalds. Ma-try nga yan minsan. I always loved their burger steaks maybe this could be my next favorite from them. At affordable pa, sakto sa budget.

  3. Edik

    just had Jollibee’s beef mushroom but it did not come to my expectations. but well- with just 39 pesos, what do you expect?

  4. xan

    I order it every time! and pair it up with their creamy macaroni soup, which is only 33.00… you get one big heavy meal for less than a hundred 😀 not bad, not bad at all


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