Hands Down the Best Tasting Banana Cake

I wanted to try some colon cleansing diet because I don’t feel healthy this past few weeks but a trip to Binan threw that idea out in the window. Just look at what my aunt gave me.

Oven fresh banana cake

My aunt has her own bakery and this banana cake came from there. I’m not biased because this is my aunt’s cake but this is surely the best banana cake I’ve ever tasted! It’s so moist and creamy and goes perfectly with the somewhat crunchy outer layer. When I first saw this I really thought it was burnt but no it’s not. It’s just perfect! How I wish I can have a slice every day. I’m currently eating the last slice and who knows when I will get my hands on another one again? The good news is in the meantime I can try my colon cleansing diet of fruits and veggies.

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