Grocery versus Wet Market Shopping

Every wife and mother must deal with grocery shopping. I find it generally a happy experience – until I find myself at the counter wondering how much the grocery bill is going to be this time. Why is it that we only get to know how much we have to pay at the checkout counter anyway? I think it’s the supermarket’s way of robbing us. I demand that our shopping carts have sensors that would add up everything we put in it. That way we’ll know how much up to the last centavo we would be paying at the counter.

So how much did our grocery bill cost us the last time? It’s P4,000 and that doesn’t include meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables which we buy separately in the wet market. Look at some of the stuff we buy. That’s not really healthy right? Sometimes I want to buy grocery shopping altogether and buy everything in the wet market. There we can buy the freshest food and avoid snacks like these and processed food which we buy over and over every month. Do you think we can survive? How about you? What’s in your grocery cart?

6 thoughts on “Grocery versus Wet Market Shopping

  1. jannet

    we also love chichiria… hindi nawawala sa mga groceries ko yan. i do the grocery 1-2 times a month syempre ung mga foods at baon ng bata at sabon. i do the laundry kaya buy na ako ng bulk.

  2. pasion_ronald29

    Daddy’s Diary – I do prefer buying 2 pcs whole chicken, 2kilos ground beef, 2 kilos liempo, 1 kilo chubbycheese hotdogs, pampangas best tocino, skinless longganisa, longgadog, then i buy chicha for kids 10 pcs any… and i’d buy 3 boxes of zesto and cheesecake para sa extra baon ng bata..sabon, shampoo, detergents, i think wala pa ko sa 4,000 nyan. but i do the grocery twice a month. 🙂

  3. pasion_ronald29

    i have forgotten the noodles pancitcanton, beef, chicken, and also de lata 12 pcs. bluebaytuna hotnspicy/Fresca Tuna, 8 pcs 777sardines/green and red and 6 pcs lig0 cornedbeef.


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