Family Memoir

I have come across this picture of the Royal Family at Daily Mail yesterday. I can’t help but sigh at how beautiful this picture is. This picture was taken back in 1957 when the Queen Elizabeth was still a young mother and before the time of digital cameras.

Isn’t that such a nice photograph? Neither one was facing the camera but it was still a beautiful photograph. My family must have at least one photo like this before Z grows up. It certainly beats those pictures taken at the studio where everyone is forced to smile and to remain frozen while waiting for the flash.

By the way, there’s this anecdote regarding this picture. See the little prince and princess? They are holding a book there but they were supposed to be fishing instead of reading. However, an overzealous cook cooked the fish they were supposed to catch so that’s how they ended up with a book in a pond. You see? Even a day in the royal life isn’t all that perfect. LOL!

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