Two weeks ago hubby and me decided to finally go get our faces the pampering it deserves by having our facial. It may have been two years since we last had our facial and I’m not amused anymore every time I look at my face in the mirror. If I wait any longer I’m sure I’ll be shopping for acne skin products because my skin has gotten so oily. Really, this should have been a monthly thing and look how behind we have been with this.

Anyway, so two weeks ago was the day we finally we’re able to drag our feet to the mall and get our facial. We paid P250 each for cleaning with pricking to remove the blackheads. They put other stuff in there too which I don’t know the purpose of but whatever it is it really felt good on the face. The procedure took 45 minutes so I decided to fool around with the camera rather than get bored.

Okay, don’t panic those are not ghosts – just me and my husband. hehe

I’m not satisfied with the place where we went (I already forgot the name) but next we will scout around for something better. How about you do you have a monthly facial ritual? Where is a good place to go?

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