Before Her Big Night

Here is Sandra Bullock pushing her grocery cart just like any ordinary day. Doesn’t she looks so normal and calm? I’m surprised she even has the time to shop her groceries.  If I was her I would be a wreck of nerves at this very moment. After all, the Academy Awards is only days away and everyone is rooting for her to win the Best Actress Award.  Right now she’s just being ordinary. There’s no hint that she would be attending the biggest moment of her movie career on Monday except for the cart full of healthy foods.  She has to eat healthy of course to be able to fit in whatever fabulous gown she’s going to wear. I wonder if there’s an e cigarette hidden in there somewhere to help her calm her nerves on the big night. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m rooting for her all the way. She was so wonderful in her movies last year. Goodluck, Sandra! I hope you win!

3 thoughts on “Before Her Big Night

  1. Jacques Senter

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