Top Five Romantic Movie Scenes I Absolutely Love to Watch

Yes, you’re not lost. This is my date.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. I know some of you don’t have dates and will spend the day alone which makes me glad I’m already beyond that stage and got myself a man.  ha! I’m so lucky I don’t need to find a date at the last minute or go through a horrid Valentine’s day date with a total stranger just because he’s the only one available.  I’m so lucky I found a good-hearted, responsible partner who loves me for who I am.

Unfortunately, being married for five years I found out that finding the perfect partner for life doesn’t equate to a hot, romantic date every year on Valentine’s. Those stuff I saw at movies are only stuff made for movies.    For a mommy like me it’s just another day at home where you act as if nothing special is going on. Or it’s just the climax in your week long wait for the V day hoping and praying that all the clues and hints you’ve thrown your husband’s way have gotten through one way or another only to find out in the end that you’re husband was just heartless and insensitive dense – I’m talking about your husband, mine’s just overworked.

So in time for Valentine’s day I’m celebrating it by bringing out my list of Top 5 Cheesiest/Romantic (there’s no difference I’ll take anything at this stage) Movie Scenes You Can Watch on Valentine’s Day.  I’m sharing this to all the wives and the single ladies out there – yes, both are lumped together – who needs to satisfy their V-day cravings.

5.Say Anything
The scene is only 20 seconds long but has been copied over and over. Just head over at You Tube and type “Say Anything Boombox” and you’ll know what I mean.

4. Love Actually
Again, wordless but as they say, actions speak louder than words. Click here to see the Love Actually romantic scene that would surely melt your heart. Brought things to my eyes. *sniff

3. Ten Things I Hate About You

I watched this in High School and I remember I was full of fantasies during that stage in my life and yes, that includes someone professing his love to me like this for all the world to see.

2. The Wedding Singer

Who can forget about this one?! The song became a hit after watching Adam Sandler performed this and Drew Barrymore’s reaction is just perfect. I hope I’ll be that beautiful when my husband finally serenades me.

1. The Notebook

The Notebook is absolutely the most romantic movie I’ve ever watched ever and it’s full of hot romantic kisses throughout the movie. Forgive me but this last video is not a movie scene but a reenaction of the kisses live onstage by the lead actors, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Enjoy!

The videos worked. I showed it to my husband two days ago and then a few minutes later he asked me what day was Valentine’s. I told him it was a Sunday and he kept quiet. I thought that was the end of it but yesterday he said we’re going on a date on Monday instead to avoid the traffic rush. He said we’re going to a bar and then somewhere private afterwards. I wonder if he was really serious. LOL!

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21 thoughts on “Top Five Romantic Movie Scenes I Absolutely Love to Watch

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  2. Nicquee

    I like your top 3.

    Apart from those 3, I also love 50 First Dates. I just love Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together. I hope they come our with another romantic comedy soon.

  3. Liz

    I have seen those last 3 movies. Naku, ang asawa ko boring mo ang Couple’s Corner ko and you will understand.. Hehehe! Sweet sya sa ibang bagay. Sabi ko nga, sa gabi gagantihan ko siya, papagurin ko gang sa lumawit ang dila, para next year, i date ako..

  4. admin

    @Nicquee – don’t you just love those two together?! Me, I just love Drew Barrymore. There was one movie with her in it that I love to add here but since I can’t remember the title can’t find the video na. It was the movie where she went back in high school and there was a lovely scene in the middle of the stadium where she professed her love, I think. So romantic talaga!

  5. admin

    @Chin-chin – Di ba Drew’s so adorable. Makes the perfect expression kaya nga sana I’ll be as cute as her when S does something romantic. hahaha

  6. admin

    Liz – ganyan talaga mga asawa, te, porket responsible na sila and wonderful father and breadwinner. Pero I want some romance too. Tama ka jan pagurin na lang natin para next time sabihin sige na nga labas na lang tayo. hahaha

  7. r u s s

    A MOVIE MARATHON!Ü I think that’s a good way to spend Valentine’s Day. There are films in your list that I have not seen, but The Wedding Singer is an all-time favorite. Enjoy your day dear!
    Got my Girls Talk entry here ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  8. kha

    wow!..thanks for the list.. I also love the notebook and the wedding singer but i haven’t seen the other on your list I must watch it since it was on your list it means it was a good movies too… Happy Hearts day…

  9. nuts

    love all your watch list, and “the notebook” is on my number 1 list too.. I love Ryan Gosling and have watched this MTV best kisser award many times. oh my, Gosling is just so hot, haha..

    btw, added your blogs in my roll and followed too.. happy weekend and happy Vday 🙂


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