The New BC Blogger Badge

If you woke up this morning to find a new BC Blogger Badge in your sidebar then don’t panic! No, I didn’t manage to hack into your blog and replace the codes but Kaye did. *evil grin

I commissioned Kaye to make a cool badge for BC Bloggers but I got itchy because I had nothing to do the previous days so I decided to make a temporary badge. When Pehpot found out that new badge came after she had just finishing adding the old badge to eight of her blogs she panicked. She knew I was going to ask her to install the new badge inΒ  all her blogs as well. LOL! So she thought of a solution asap and asked Kaye to do her own little magic (yes, until now I don’t know how she did it) and replace the codes at my photobucket account so it will reflect the new badge instead of the old, ugly one.Β  So you can breathe easier now, we didn’t hack into your blogs but just changed the code at photobucket instead. Now, you don’t have to suffer having an ugly badge in your sidebar. Thanks to Kaye, BC Bloggers has a new stylish and spanking new badge! Clap, clap, clap!

If you don’t already know, Kaye is gifted in htmls and can make beautiful and gorgeous templates for your blogs. You might want to check her blog and get her services too. She’s also a work-at-home mom like me and she gives all kinds of services – er, blogging services. So let us support work-at-home moms so they can still continue to work at home and take care of their kids at the same time.

P.S. If you are a guy and you have concerns having a girly badge then just leave a comment and I’ll provide you with the code for the old one.

9 thoughts on “The New BC Blogger Badge

  1. nuts

    a genius in htmls and layout! (rock) I thought somebody get into my account and updated BC bloggers badge. lol. New badge looks very nice, aside from being a BC Blogger, I feel like a sexy and stylish blogger too. (applause) to you both!


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