Sandra Bullock will win the 2010 Oscars Best Actress Award

Of course, Sandra Bullock was nominated for Best Actress. I’m hoping she would win this year. No, I’m not only hoping but I’m predicting that she will win the Best Actress Award! This is definitely her year as I have watched both the Blind Side and The Proposal and was surprised that both were really good. You know the feeling when you ware excited about a movie as it has been hyped so much and everybody seems to love it only to find out after watching it that it was really not worth your time. Then you wonder are you the only person in the world who didn’t like it? Are you still normal?

I have so watched so many movies like that (an example that I can remember off the top of my head is the movie, Paranormal Activity) and sometimes I just don’t watch movies anymore because I’m afraid to be disappointed again and again.

But Sandra Bullock on The Proposal changed all of that. I thought it was like another romantic-comedy movie but this movie really stuck to me and so did Sandra Bullock’s role as the loathsome boss, Margaret Tate.
And who could ever forget this scene?


Don’t you agree that this is the most embarrassing scene in movie history but yet she pulled it off with class and was able to get away with it admiringly? I can’t believe she still has a body like that as I surely can even remember watching her when i was only about 10 years old or so. I’m now 28 so that must have been 20 years ago but even if I’m decades younger  I tell you that my body is definitely not like that – heck, it’s not even close!

Anyway, I can’t stop talking about The Proposal but she’s even not nominated for her role there. She’s nominated for her role as Mrs. Touhy in the true-to-life drama, The Blind Side. I only watched that movie because I remembered how good she was on The Proposal. I thought she can’t pull off two good movies consecutively but she proved me wrong big time. The recent Critics Choice Award proved that she definitely awed the judges. She tied with veteran awardee, Meryl Streep (with an impressive 2 Oscars and 7 Golden Globe awards under her belt), which only means that Meryl might be a brilliant actress but there was definitely something in Sandra Bullock that they can’t resist giving an award to her too. If Critics Choice Award was hesitant to give the award to Sandra Bullock alone I think the Academy Awards would be bolder.
To the Oscars judges, yes it’s okay to give the award to Sandra Bullock alone and her alone. Meryl Streep might be attracting awards to her name like a magnet attracting iron ores but I’m sure she’ll understand that Sandra Bullock’s time has arrived.

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7 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock will win the 2010 Oscars Best Actress Award

  1. vibhav

    The Oscars shouldn’t be about who had a bigger year, or who campaigned harder. It should be about the acting, adn the performance and that’s why Meryl should win this becuase her performance was simply impeccable. And compared to Sandra’s performance, which is sure deserving of praise, wasn’t even as close to Meryl, or much of other nominees’ performance. So Meryl doserves this and she’ll get it..

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  4. Staci Lorman

    Cheers for the information, your website is cool! I have been falling behind catching up with the Oscar nominees this past year but this definitely helped. The show on Sunday was great!

  5. Rolf Maclain

    Superstar gossip is usually is often just that. But, this is Sandra. Sandra you’re special. Do not let this knock you down. My first reaction was dump that scum bag. But, we are with you. Do what your heart tells you. Wish you all of the very best. Looking forward to seeing you back on your feet and at your very best again.


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