His Reward

Last Sunday, we bought Z his Audi. It’s a battery operated car that he can drive and at the same time it’s remote controlled. It’s really expensive and out of our budget but Z kept dreaming about it in his sleep. At home he would ask me if I thought the car would still be there when we go back. I assured him it would still be there but inside I was also wondering how disappointed he would be if it goes out of stock. So after three weeks of thinking if we should buy it or not we finally decided to give it a go.

We used our credit card for paying for this. At the counter, they said we can choose to pay it in installment for six months but with interest. We were tempted but we declined. We chose to pay it in full. This is our only credit card and it took a long time for us to be able to get approved for one. Yes, it took so long that I was already thinking we need to get credit cards for bad credit instead. Finally, after a long time of waiting it finally got processed and now we have our one and only credit card so we vowed to be responsible in using it by buying only things we can pay in full.

Anyway, this morning Z came home with a letter. It was the schedule of advance exams f0r students that are candidates for honors! Yey! I wanted to kick myself for hesitating to buy him his Audi. Z proved to us that he deserves his gift. This is his reward for doing a good job in school.

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