Fun Ranch

We’re going at Fun Ranch tomorrow. We are going to attend a SuperMom event and the good news is I can bring Z along. We went there only once before and Z super loved it because of the different rides available. It’s like a mini-version of Star City or Enchanted Kingdom but right within Pasig. Hubby is excited too because he’s really a kid at heart. Although he wouldn’t fit on the kiddie rides just seeing his son riding on those would make him happy already. I, on the other hand, is excited to meet more bloggers that share the same hobby as me – what else but blogging. My other blogging pals, Fedhz and Pehpot would be there too. I have so much work to do today but knowing that it’s going to be fun and socializing the next day just makes me so happy. It’s hard being a work-at-home mommy but at least we get to take a break once in a while and mingle. That’s what I really love about blogging. I’m meeting people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

4 thoughts on “Fun Ranch

  1. fedhz

    lol. tayo na naman magkakasama? baka obvious na tayo nyan. mahilig sa freebies! wahaha! wow, makikita ko na din si Sander. kakanta ba sya? lol

    @peh: sigi akin isa. para kunware di ka isang barangay. wakokok.


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