Five Things I Miss About Working in an Office

I have been a stay-at-home mommy turned work-at-home mommy for three years now. I never thought I would last this long staying at home but I did and I’m happy I get to work and earn too without leaving my kid behind. Still, there are things that I miss about working in an office.

Here are the five things I miss about working in an office:

1. Benefits like SSS, medical insurance, and Pag-ibig. My current employers don’t give me those benefits. If I decided to continue then I have to pay it out of my own pocket.

2. Friends from the workplace. Nothing beats a warm and friendly office environment. Sometimes I feel so alone while working at home. I’m an introvert but I need someone to talk to sometimes too. Before I have to beg my husband to talk to me when he gets home and he’s too tired and wanted to sleep right away. Now, thanks to blogging I don’t feel so lonely anymore.

3. Eating out. Nothing is more fulfilling than eating out after a hard day’s work! My teammates and I used to go to Festival mall after our shift and just eat and pig out. You know how it was when you are with a big group of people and everyone starts asking, “Where are we going to eat?” and everyone would reply, “You decide.” My teammates can never decide so I would pipe in and say, “Let’s eat at Shakey’s.” They would agree with me grudgingly because they can’t decide. But after 3 consecutive eating out at Shakey’s because I am the only one who tells them my choice they finally said enough of Shakey’s already. LOL! That was my favorite. I love eating at Shakeys with them.

4. Getting free stuff like gift checks and promotional calenders and winning in office raffles and contest. I remember I won 2k at bingo sponsored event in our office. I can’t explain it but there’s a thrill that comes with winning something you didn’t work hard for or just simply getting something for free even if it’s small stuff. At home, I get no more freebies but now thanks to blogging I get free stuff too when I go to events. LOL!

5. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Oh, how I miss shopping for beautiful office clothes.  I don’t have any reason any more to dress up and my wardrobe needs serious updating – I mean SERIOUS! Yes, that’s the thing I miss most about working in an office – it’s shopping for clothes. Not the friendship and the team builing or the benefits but the shopping. LOL! Just kidding!

Okay, that’s my list. I wanted to list out ten but I can’t thing of anything else. Maybe that means I’m still happy working at home. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Five Things I Miss About Working in an Office

  1. Nicquee

    I agree with your list. Those tiny perks make me appreciate doing corporate work but I think won’t be enough for me to finally decide to be a wahm given the chance.

    WAHMs rock! 🙂 And I know someday, makakarir ko rin ang blogging and will get a chance to earn from it. 🙂

  2. Irish

    Great list Paula. Though, if you think about it, nothing beats getting to raise your own child by yourself. All those perks won’t compensate for not being by your child’s side most of the time.

  3. MushaMommy

    I think that’s about it, the perks of a working girl.. They say moms at home can be more tiring kasi the day doesn’t end at 530pm but I’m sure its no biggie. 🙂 To be honest Mommy Paula, I’d rather have your problem hehe.. 🙂

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