Dream House for Sale

As a mommy, I dream of the time when we’ll be shopping for our new home. The perfect time is when we have a considerable money in the bank more than enough for a downpayment and we can buy our dream home. If we can buy it for the full price then the better.  That’s also the time I would be looking for insurance quotes to make sure my dream home is fully insured. I wouldn’t want an accident happening and then we’ll lose everything just in a snap.

Now, I’m wondering if this house is covered by insurance.

I’m sure the couple who bought this were looking for their perfect home .  What could have been more perfect than a luxurious 6-bedroom house on a top of a cliff, with breathtaking view, and on sale for £150,000, just a tiny fraction of its original £1.5million price? There’s just one tiny catch – the previous owners deserted this house because they thought there was too much of a risk of  a landslide happening. The new owners must have be positive thinkers because they decided they would grab this chance and bought the property. Unfortunately, just a week after they bought it part of their garden has already collapsed!

How about you? Are you willing to buy this home even though you’ll be losing some soil from time to time?

4 thoughts on “Dream House for Sale

  1. MushaMommy

    I wouldn’t because terrain is one of the first things I’ll consider (given all things constant).

    I’ve been a housing loans officer (with a Bank) for 11 years now and most of our borrowers really tend to overlook the insurance that goes with it to cover incidents like these, until its too late. 🙂

  2. Lola

    It looks like it’s a beautiful house – and I simply adore how it’s on top of a cliff, lol, but I probably wouldn’t buy it…. I think it’s a little to risky; I’d be scared living in there. </3


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