A Woman In Love

Angelina Jolie is a picture of health these days. She looks really blooming which is natural for a woman in love. She looks so vibrant and lovely that she wouldn’t need a finger pulse oximeter to monitor her health at this time of her life. Just look at those pink cheeks, the twinkling eyes, and that infectious laugh. At 34, she is in optimum health which she needs to be in order to keep up with her six children, her grueling filming schedule, her charity works, and keeping the hottest man in the planet, aka Brad Pitt, satisfied. LOL!

She and her partner Brad Pitt are currently in France. While she is shooting her next film, The Tourist, Brad plays the doting daddy to his children. I have seen their picture in the internet and aren’t they a lovely family? To think that they have six children in between them. Of course, they must have an army of nannies but if they are good parents then I think they make it a point to talk to all six of them one by one. That can be so tiring and I should know. I have only one child and it’s already hard for me.

I know a lot of rumors are circulating about the couple and that it’s all just for show but if they are real the rumors are not true then she is setting a high standard for all the other moms. She’s proof that some women really have it all. What do you think?

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