Plans for 2010

I’m so happy my husband said we’re going to Zoobic for my birthday. We have not been anywhere out of town since we got together. I’m sure he’s a bit nervous of the long drive but it’s still months away so he can still practice driving. Also we have more time left to save for this trip. I’m so positive that 2010 will bring us lots of blessings and money to spend.hehe Yes, that’s positive thinking for me.
One thing I want to do for my birthday is have my hair rebonded. My hair is not curly but it’s frizzy. I always have to use hair clips and hair pins to put it  in place. I have been wanting to do it for a long, long time but either it’s too expensive or something goes wrong. Like the last time I was absolutely determined to have it done the salon refused because I just got my haired colored. They said it’s an absolute no-no to have it rebonded after it’s colored. So I guess I have to grow it out first and that could take months. Anyway, I don’t mind. I can wait and time flies pretty quick.

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