Where to Buy Biko/Bibingka?

We currently live in Cainta but I’m not a native. So I didn’t know that it’s famous for it’s kakanin and other native delicacies. Last Christmas we went around a bit and found a store, Aling Kika’s, selling biko.  We promptly bought a box for P150 but we gave it to my Dad and we weren’t able to taste some.
Last New Year, it was my husband’s birthday so we went back to the same store on New Year’s Eve only to find out that they have sold the last one a few seconds before I got there. Fortunately, someone referred us to another store called Hottah which was only a few blocks away. We were there and bough 2 boxes of bibingka for P140 each and 1/2 box of cassava cake. We weren’t able to taste both either because we gave it to my husband’s officemates as a treat.
So now that the holidays are over I’m left salivating for those biko we bought but never got to taste. Fortunately, Aling Kika’s is just a tricycle ride away from where we live. So I brought Z with me and off we went.
I took a shot but not before I ate two slices! Excuse me but I was craving it that much.



Now the thing that puzzles me is why is it called Bibingka? My lola used to make this and I grew up knowing this is called biko and bibingka is the one with grated coconut toppings.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

Where to buy Biko/Bibingka?
Aling Kika’s Food Products

101 A. Bonifacio Ave., Cainta, Rizal

6 thoughts on “Where to Buy Biko/Bibingka?

  1. MushaMommy

    Got this as a post holiday gift from one of our brokers. As in ganyan na yung box with a stamp ng Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. One of my staff is from Taytay and she told me na masarap and kilala yang bibingka na yan.

    Though the packaging didn’t seem much, when we ate it the following morning pa, masarap nga 🙂 And we’re just near too.. pero lagpas Junction pa ba yan sis?

  2. helen of ucpb

    ok po talaga taste nya…. wala lang delivery service, lungkot kami dito sa Makati…. wala kaming mautusan na nakakaalam.

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  4. tina

    hi mommy thank you for this post, would you also have the number or address of Hottah? Im craving for their biko too.


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