Page Rank Update

As predicted, Google has again updated the page ranks. I’m sad that my blogs didn’t get any PR. *sniff  Well, I’m not so surprised in this blog because I have neglected it last year but my main blog that I have tried to update every day last month still hasn’t got any. Well, there’s no reason to cry over spilled milk they say so that should just give me a reason to work harder smarter. LOL!

How about you? Did Google smile on your blogs last New Year?

One thought on “Page Rank Update

  1. darly

    hi paula, its so frustrating kapag you don’t get any PR di ba. Last year N/A nga ang rank ko so its so nerve wrecking talaga. I just just now, 4/10 na so medyo half smiling sa akin ang google. Hopefully i could get opps now that ive got ranking na.

    Have a great week ahead!


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