My Frugal Planner

I guess by now you have heard about the hype about the different planners. The Belle de Jour Planner and the Starbucks Planner are just two of the most popular ones. They are also expensive! The Starbucks Planner, for one, would cost around P2,000 since you need to buy 17 drinks in order to get it; while the Belle de Jour Planner costs P600.

Although they say both are the absolute must haves, it is unfortunate that my mommy budget won’t allow me to purchase either.

So if you’re a mommy like me who has to be frugal to make ends meet or someone with a tight budget but  needs a planner anyway let me share with you the planner that I have been using for two years now.


Meet the most inexpensive planner – the Goldilocks planner. How much? It’s free. It comes free with the January issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine so you have to shell out P100 to get one. Still, isn’t that the most inexpensive planner in the planet?

Let me walk you through.

On the left side there’s an inspirational quote, list of your goals for the month, list for your important events for the month, lessons learned last month, and resolution for the month.


On the right side there are the dates for the whole month (see those small letters and numbers at the top), the individual dates where you can put your schedule, and an insightful life tip at the bottom.


I love it so much I remember to buy a copy of Good Housekeeping every January. I only buy it for the planner though as I have stopped buying magazines a long time ago. Until now, I haven’t read the magazine but the planner is a different matter!

What I don’t like about it are the beautiful photos that make you want to head over to Goldilocks that very instant and order whatever’s on for that month.

Just look at that photo and you’ll know what I mean. LOL!


This is the third year I’m going to use the Goldilocks planner and I think it won’t be the last.

6 thoughts on “My Frugal Planner

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  2. Kerslyn

    that’s nice sis! might as well get a copy of good housekeeping and see for myself the planner. malay natin, magagamit ko rin sya. parang nanghihinayang ako sulatan yung belle de jour ko.hahaha

  3. Gene

    That’s a great find and really within a mommies budget. I don’t buy magazines so I have to idea about these freebies from them. I’ll keep that in mind next year, hopefully they still offer the free planner.

  4. darly

    Hi Paula, happy new year and thanks for the visit.

    Grabe, i didn’t realize planners can be this expensive pala- as for me i rely mostly on the to do list application i have in my iphone, at least all in one na siya sa phone ko and don’t need to check written planners pa. But i must say, i like the good housekeeping planner kasi its got tips that would work for mommies like us.

    enjoy the rest of the week and will add you up on my list.

  5. MushaMommy

    Oh, you finally chose your planner hehe..:) I always get the Goldilocks planner too because I buy GH. This is where we list down our daily viands and groceries to shop. Not to offend you or what, I just keep a separate one for the office then at home. This year’s planner is nicer than last year, the blue one right?

    Nice theme you’ve got here 🙂


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