Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are everywhere – on TV, at the malls, in the internet – people are wearing it wherever they go and why won’t they? It’s the latest trend in footwear fashion.

I just bought my first gladiator sandals and it will probably be my last. I’m not that trendy because I prefer sensible clothes and shoes that I can wear throughout the year and would be in style whatever year it was. Yes, they don’t call me frugal for nothing.

Well, sensible style can be boring sometimes so on one of our trips to St. Francis Square I bought gladiator sandals. It was P250.  Do you think it was overpriced or was it priced just right?


Gladiator Sandals from St. Francis Square

I think it was definitely overpriced! In less than a week one of the rubber soles was missing. It was New Year’s eve when I realized that I kept on slipping in the middle of Eastwood. I almost fell twice! When I looked down I saw that the rubber sole was nowhere to be found. Thank goodness I didn’t make a scene in the middle of the New Year’s celebration there or I would have cursed these sandals. LOL!


Anyway, it still looks nice and I’m going to wear it again once I have it repaired.

And oh, pardon my feet.  I got it from my Dad. hahaha

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