Calamansi – My Favorite Beauty Solution

I’m so lovingĀ  calamansi these past few weeks. It’s my favorite all-around beauty solution. I use it as my daily beauty routine just before taking a bath. It exfoliates, deodorizes, and whitens my skin all in one. I use it all over – in the face, elbows, knees, and underarms.

They say that it whitens it slowly but surely. You just need diligence in your routine for it to be effective. That is why this has been my daily routine for two weeks now.

Calamansi or the local variant of lemon is so affordable. That’s why it beats all those expensive beauty products that you just buy one time and then never buy it again. Since calamansi is so cheap and can be bought at the local market I will surely not run out of stock and would be able to use it consistently.

Here’s my daily beauty regimen using calamansi. I squeezed a lot of calamansi one time and store the extract in a container.

1. Dip cotton bas and wipe on face, underarms, elbows, and knee.

2. Leave on for 15 minutes just before taking a bath.

2 thoughts on “Calamansi – My Favorite Beauty Solution

  1. honeybunch

    correct! it surely whiten my face.I used it every morning and every night.I squezze the calamansi and get the juice and directly rub it to my face.I leaved it 15 min. after that i wash it.Effective!!!

  2. jing

    Does it really effective? I squeezed calamansi and put it on my dark knees twice a day. 2 weeks have passed but nothing change. But I really don’t lose hope. I still using it it though. I am so happy that it is effective for you.


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