Avon Skin Softener for Dry Skin


Avon’s Sweet Honesty Skin Softener works wonders with my dry skin. I have naturally dry skin. I don’t mind it most of the time in my arms and my body but my feet suffers the most. It turns white and scaly due to the extreme dryness. I tried using body oil but it’s so gross. I have tried so many different brands of lotions. They all worked great – in the first hour or so. Then I would notice by midday my feet were dry again.

Avon’s Skin Softener changed all that for me. It became an effective relief to my dry ugly feet and it is the only one that has successfully done so. Have I mentioned that it’s perfumed as well and comes in many different fragrance? Yes, it’s simply amazing.

It is also so affordable that it only costs approximately P150. I give Avon Skin Softener a five out of five rating.

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