The End of Internet

Do you know where the End of Internet is? If you’re thinking I’m going out of my mind already from too much online activities then you’re wrong. I’ve been to the End of Internet and has lived to see the tale. So where did I find the End of Internet? Read this:

The End of the Internet
Congratulations! This is the last page.
Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links.

You must now turn off your computer and go do something productive.

Go read a book, for pete’s sake.

I found this at the end of my Google Reader after I have read all the blogs I subscribe to. How about you? Have you been to the End of Internet?

One thought on “The End of Internet

  1. Beth

    i like the end part, be productive daw? partly true nga naman. :)i left a comment nga pala sa spa post mo, have a happy week ahead! 🙂


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