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Friends are essential to our overall well-being. When I was young I had a lot of friends but then I was longing for a family – a complete one, that is. I was raised by my lola and how I wished I had a complete family.

So when I grew up I was in a hurry to have my own family. Now, I’m very happy I have my very own little family but unfortunately, I have no more friends. LOL!

Well, can you blame me? I am at home 24/7 and I haven’t seen my friends in years! That’s why I am thankful for blogging. I’m slowly rebuilding my network of friends. Some I have only seen once or twice but then I feel closer to them because I am always updated with their lives and it’s all because of blogging!

2 thoughts on “Blogger Friends

  1. Jona

    i didn't expect that i could build friends through blogging. and i'm excited to meet them. kelan tayo meet? hehe :Dthanks Paula!


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