Authentic Rice Cake Recipe

I have just tasted the yummiest Rice Cake Recipe! We will be visiting my dad’s house for Christmas and what do you know we don’t have a single gift. So we went out in search for the right gift. Of course, everybody appreciates food so we went out to look for something nice. Our first stop was the mall first. I was tempted to buy Christmas Ham but I know it’s already staple in every home and I’m sure my dad already bought one. Next, I tried to look for food gift baskets but they look horrible and overly priced. So we went out and drove aimlessly to the part of the town where we haven’t been before. Somebody told me that they sell Rice Cake there but I didn’t know where in particular. I was reading the signs of the store left and right trying to see if I can find a store selling Rice Cake but to there wasn’t any. We were about to give up hope when I finally saw one. I dashed inside and ordered one right away. Now it’s sitting on top of table since it was supposed to be a gift for tomorrow. So how did I know it was the most delicious Rice Cake Recipe? Well, I couldn’t help but taste it so I got my spoon and tasted a teeny bitty one and it tasted so great! I instantly wished I bought more just for me.

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