Meet My Blogger Friend

It’s been more than a year since we’ve been visiting each other’s site, reading one another’s blog posts, and commenting on each other’s lives so I’m so glad that I have finally met Crislyn of Life’s Lessons and Kerslyn’s Comfort Zone. See the matching blouses? Maybe that’s what blogging did to the both of us, we ended up having the same taste too. LOL!

Thanks, Crislyn for that delicious durian candy you gave me. I hope we can meet again in the future. Maybe next time it will be in Davao instead. ^^

2 thoughts on “Meet My Blogger Friend

  1. Kerslyn

    hello sis! it was really nice meeting you and the whole fam including cheewy! oo nga, same taste…kaya nga nag-click tayo agad eh. yan ang tunay na ebidensya ng kasabihang "birds of the same feather…."LOL.anyway, glad u liked the Durian candy though 1st time mong nakatikim. :-)next year, sa Davao naman tayo magkikita..yay!regards to everybody!

  2. Paula

    nice meeting you and ace din. thanks for taking the time meeting us although it's so out of your way! sana nga we can go to davao naman in the future we haven't gone anywhere. LOL!


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