Give Me Five Monday

I’m excite to join Give Me Five Monday Meme so you can get to know more about me, my wants, my dislikes, my dreams, my wishes… After all, this blog is all about me! LOL!

Give Me Five reasons you can be thankful this year.

1. Our healthy family. Aside from slight fever and flu, we didn’t get any serious kind of sickness.
2. Being spared from the infamous Ondoy flood and to think that we live in Cainta and all our neighbors were affected! Whew! Thank God for that! He really was faithful to us.
3. For the most useful gift that could ever be given to us – our very own car! Again, thanks to my Dad for this wonderful gift. It’s not brand new but hey, it gets us around. ^^
4. For both our jobs. Well, it really didn’t happen this year but for myself I have doubled my income from my online job this year. Also, I’m finally getting the knack of transcribing and I don’t cry anymore when I transcribe. LOL!
5. For my cousin who helps us around the house. We’re thankful that we can afford send her to a small school and in turn she helps us a lot. Our house is cleaner, happier, and more stress-free with her around. Oh, if only we can afford to keep her here forever!LOL

That completes my list. Looking forward to next Monday!

3 thoughts on “Give Me Five Monday

  1. Paula

    I've heard of Greenpark but I haven't been there. Yes, sis nakakaiyak nga that we were spared but all of our neighbors weren't.


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