After Electrocauterization

It’s been two long weeks since I have undergone electrocauterization to remove some facial warts. After a long wait the scabs have finally fallen out. Here’s what my face looks like now.

No wounds? I wish! See the white spots, those are the wound marks and there are many of those but the camera didn’t capture it well enough. Sigh, I wish I it will disappear soon so I can leave this episode of my life behind. It’s dampening my mood and making me self conscious. 🙁

3 thoughts on “After Electrocauterization

  1. Meme

    Hey howz yr face now? I just done it last week.. Looks like pimples and I’m afraid of scars.. Can you let me know how long it takes for u to recover fully? Thanks

  2. beth

    Hi paula, this is beth. i just had my facial warts cauterized and sobrang nahihya kasi ako kasi ang dami pala niya, so tadtad ng dark dots un face ko. Mga ilang days or weeks ba bago matanggal un scabs? Nahihiya ako pumasok sa ofc e. Sobrang dami kasi talaga, iniisip ko pa lang, kung pano ko tatakpan pag ppasok na ako sa ofc, nku ang hirap yata kasi nga madami, meron sa sides ng face, kita pa din. Gano ba katagal bago mawala un scar?


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