Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest

I can’t believe I let almost a month pass without joining Fedhz’ Blogversary/Bday Contest. What with it’s amazing prizes at stake and with this economy we have, I’m sure the money she will be giving away will come a long way. So if you’re reading this and I know you have your own blog or maybe two, you can use that to help spread the word about Fedhz’ Blogversary/Bday Contest. For the mechanics, just go here. And just for your information the prizes at stake are the following:

First Prize – $200
Second Prize – $50
Third Prize – $ 20

Certainly, not bad right? And I’m sure worth every effort you put in. And if you will be so kind to put in a word to her about me being your referral, I would really appreciate it. I really need to win this one. ^^

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