We Have Our Own Car!

Yipee, we just got our car! It was a long and tiring trip yesterday. My dad called me in the morning but was not able to reach me because my phone was off. He reached my hubby so he YM’d me as soon as possible. Luckily, I’m almost always online so I read it right away. When my dad finally was able to reach me he asked, “Why can’t I contact you?” I told him, “My phone’s battery died and I didn’t charge it because nobody texts me anymore.” LOL So now you know my secret! Anyway, he said he has the car fixed and it’s ready to be picked up. I protested I don’t have the confidence to drive just yet and so we agreed that we would go there on Friday and my brother would drive us home. So now to the complicated part. A few minutes after that my father-in-law arrived unexpectedly. I mentioned that we’re supposed to get our car but there’s no one to drive it so he volunteered. Now he’s the crazier part. I texted my dad and he said he has a meeting at Megamall. I thought he said we should go and meet there and all we have to do is wait for his text message. We waited and he said he’s already “there” so we went to Megamall. When we got there I texted him, “We’re here.” I didn’t get a reply right away and I just assumed he was still talking with that someone he was supposed to meet at Megamall. Then he asked, “Where are you?” I said, “We’re here at the toy section buying Zyke a toy.” And then I received the bombshell, he was not there he already went home and that’s where we’re supposed to meet. Well, nothing could deter me from getting my car! So we hailed a taxi and barely avoided the afternoon traffic. It was already close to five when we arrived. So there, that’s only half of the story. Of course, we have to go home and got stuck in traffic. We left at 6pm and arrived at 9pm. That’s our first taste of traffic in our very own car!
Anyway, I had a giggle when S’s first attempt in driving was not so good. That served him right for laughing at me when I nearly flunked my driving test. Hey, give me a break – I hadn’t driven in eight years!
I don’t have pictures to upload but it’s a ’96 Mazda 323. My dad got himself a 2009 Honda City so he gave me this. I told him I thought he would give me the Honda City instead! Wishful thinking but I’m not complaining! te-hee!

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