Family Budget

I have been trying to organize our family budget. It seems like I have been staying at home for almost three years now but I have no idea how much money we need to survive in a month. In order to do so I need to know how much we spend. So starting last October 6 I started writing down what we were spending on a day-to-day basis. The experience left me frustrated because as I was expecting, we were living beyond our means. No, we didn’t incur debts or something but we’re slowly eating through our savings each month. Sigh. If we don’t start living within our means then in no time our savings account will be gone.
Although writing every expense down is really tedious and hard on the heart (it’s hard to admit that you spent that much money in a few days) I will continue this financial exercise. How else are we going to mend our ways if we don’t know the stats. So for now, I will be busy filling the pages of my journal.

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  1. fedhz

    uu sige, tapos post mo din ha? kelangan ko din matuto no. lakas namin gumastos dati na libre pa lahat, tubig, kuryente, internet and food. diva saya!next year, as in January, we'll be on our own. naku, ngayon pa nga lang di na kame mashado lumalabas eh. dati kase every saturday. pano kaya ngayon? kakabored ung sa house lang din.. waaah!


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