Advantages and Disadvantages with Blogger as your Host

It’s been a few months since I switched my first blog to wordpress and I have learned a lot since then. At least now I have an idea how a cpanel works and can upload files via the filezilla. I loved the idea of being independent and taking absolute control of my blog – at first. Buying this new domain made me think how convenient it is to have my blog hosted by Google. Blogger has made so many improvements ever since I last left it that I’m now thinking twice if I would transfer this blog to my paid host. Another thing is it’s free – who can beat that?
Among the new features I like with blogger is how easy it is to integrate adsense in your blog. It’s as easy as clicking one, two, three. I don’t have any background with html so if I wanted adsense on my blogs in my paid server I would have to find a template that is already adsense ready. With blogger, any template you want can be adsense ready in an instant.
Uploading pictures to your blog in blogger is also convenient. You will virtually have unlimited space because you’re being hosted by no other than Google but with your own server your space is only limited so you have to make use of third parties to store your pictures like and You can open an account for free but still there is a limit in the pictures you can upload.
With the above advantages you might think I may be crazy for even thinking about paying for my own hosting. But alas, there is this one disadvantage that makes me think twice about hosting all my blogs in blogger. Since what Google is giving you is a free service, there is a possibility that your blog or blogs will be lost. Yes, lost all of a sudden as if it never existed!I know it doesn’t happen that often because I personally only know one blog that actually suffered this unfortunate fate but that doesn’t stop me from thinking what if it happens to MY blog?
Oh, I can’t even think about what I will do if that happens. For the meantime I’m leaving this blog in blogger. After all it will be wise to spread your eggs and not put them in one basket.

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