Z's going to School

It’s been two weeks since Z has started school. I’m still fetching him to and from the school and waiting for him for three hours there. If it wasn’t for some help from my cousin, Bam, I wouldn’t know how to manage my time. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be with Zyke at school. There are a few parents there like me and most of the others are the yayas. There’s one thing I noticed though, the four parents there waiting with me are wives of OFWs. I presume because the wives with their husbands working here are out there in the office working. I don’t know about other parents, I know some of them like their work and love their careers but for me I’d rather be at home and personally raise my son. I grew up without my parents so this is a big deal for me. I’m grateful that I can work at home and don’t have to lug it out every day at the office. I’m grateful for all of these things I have. Sometimes it’s hard to see what you have and just worry about the future. So this is a reminder for me that everything’s great and there’s no need to stress unnecessary stuff.

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